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The concept of prekindergarten schools has taken over the world and more and more parents are admitting their children to these educational institutions these days. It is true that few years back, only kindergarten schools were in existence but now an even early education is preferred by most.  Afterall there are many benefits and advantages of admitting kids to prekindergarten. And this is why the number of such schools opening is increasing every day and that too very rapidly. The following are some points of importance and benefits of prekindergarten early education.

Early education is critical to long term success

Studies and reports have shown that early education is critical to the long term success of individuals and this is the primary reason why one must admit their kids to such institutes.  Kids who are admitted to them often have better vocabularies, are more independent and are willing to spend more working hours every day. Moreover they have better math’s and English skills which too prove beneficial in the long run.  Kids enrolled in these prekindergarten establishments learn critical social skills and also a lot of self confidence.  It is a fact that lifetime earnings of those who attend prekindergarten increase manifold as compared to those who do not.

Prekindergarten schools ensure kids develop social skills early in life

Another benefit of admitting your kid to a prekindergarten school is that this helps him/her to get used to staying without parents for a few hours every day and thus build social skills and confidence. Once they move out of the house and go to an unfamiliar environment, they tend to develop an interest towards activities which may not be taught at home. Moreover they learn to share, meet new people, open up and get rid of their shyness.

Prekindergarten schools help develop a number of necessary personal skills

Another point of importance of prekindergarten schools is that they help develop several personal skills such as cognitive skills, critical thinking, gross motor schools, empathy, communication, problem solving and resolving abilities and many others. It is a fact that the brain grows 90% of its adult size by the age five and these initial years are best to infuse as many concepts and skills in a person as possible. When the child attends schools, he learns more things than one can imagine and one can impart at home.

Now that you know the various points of importance of prekindergarten education and schooling, you too must consider admitting your child to one.  If you are looking for one which provides good learning & education in Pleasanton, California (CA) then Aegis preschool is a very good option for you.
Importance and benefits of prekindergarten early education
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